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Midwest Industrial Supply / USA
Environmental technology
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Hexion / USA
Powder-emulsions, Dry Defoamers, Xanthan Gum
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Novance / France
Synthetic resins, alkylated resins
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Pacifique Sud / France
Tiaré-Flower Extract from French Polynesia - Vegetal actives from French Polynesia and Overseas
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Phenbiox S.r.l. / Italy
Bioliquefied plant skins
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Prisma Colour Limited / United Kingdom
Colour masterbatches for rubber
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Quattor / Brazil
Hydrocarbon resins

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Rhodia / France
Surfactants, Additives (for paintings, adhesives, cosmetics), Silicas,
Antistatic Agents
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Rio Tinto Alcan / France
Alumnium Tri-Hydrate (ATH)
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Rody Rijnders / Netherlands
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Rousselot / Netherlands
Hydrolyzed collagen for cosmetic applications.
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R.T. Vanderbilt / USA
Minerals, rubber chemicals
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S&B Industrial Minerals GmbH / Germany
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Shark Solutions / Denmark
Recycling post consumer polyvinylbutyral (powder and dispersion)
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Solabia / France
Phytobiological extracts, Biotechnological products
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Stephan Schmidt KG / Germany
Natural Clay powder
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Sunkem Endüstri Ürünleri / Turkey
Colour pastes, Dolphin, Suncolor, Suncolor-ALY, Suncolor-EPX
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Taminco N.V. / Belgium
Advantex, Vantex T
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Tenax Fibers / Germany
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Unigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. / USA
Plant based pharmaceutical actives
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Vertellus / USA
Catalysts, castor oil derivatives, pigments for corrosion protection, polyols
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Zuxing Metallic Pigments Co., Ltd. / China
Aluminium pastes and –pigments, VMP aluminium pigments
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