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EISU GmbH / Germany
Modified natural raw materials for the environment.
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Elastron Kimya / Turkey
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Enichem / Italy
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Erbslöh Lohrheim GmbH & Co. KG / Germany
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Fedchem / USA
Ink gellants, Kolate, Hydrophobic agents
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Flexsys / Belgium
Supplier of base material for self made products
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General Quimica S.A. / Spain
Accelerants and antioxidants for rubber
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Gova BVBA / Netherland
Natural cosmetics suitable W/O emulsifier, cosmetic prebiotic, cosmetic tan accelerator, special active for sensitive skin which can be used in rinse off formulations as well.

Grafitbergbau Kaiserberg GmbH / Austria
electric conductivity grafit
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Haarla Oy / Finland
Pigment extender
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Hallstar / USA
Polymer additives and personal care ingredients.
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Innovative Anticorrosion-Pigments for the Paint- and Coatings-Industry substituting Lead or Chromium containing compounds.
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Helawit Herbert Lange / Germany
Dolomite, grinded, micronised
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Henkel - Acheson / USA
Sold dispersions based on PTFE, Cerflon, BN, Graphite, MoS2
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Hydrior AG / Switzerland
Surfactants, Emulsifiers
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ICL-IP Europe B.V. / Netherland
Flame retardants
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Indena / Italy
Water or oil soluble standardized dry extracts, phytosomes and pure molecules isolated or derived from plants.
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Interpolymer GmbH / Germany
Opacifiers for cosmetic applications, Polymers for colour cosmetics
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Kafrit Industries Ltd. / Israel
Flame retardant Master batches
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Kelisema / Italy
Vegetable proteins for hair- and skincare
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Kusumoto Chemicals Ltd. / Japan
Paint and coatings additives
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