Market Overview

C.H.Erbslöh supplies the following sectors and areas of application with raw materials and additives in combination with the creative ideas, technical expertise and service which our customers and suppliers appreciate.
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Coatings Adhesives

Products and service for the
Paint and Coatings Industry,
for Producers of Printing ink, Adhesives and sealants, auxiliary materials for the Construction Industry, Ceramics as well as for the Foundry Supply Industry.   

Rubber Plastics

The strategic business unit Rubber Plastics is your partner of choice on the subject of polymer modification.   

Lubricant Additives

We are dedicated to developing tribological solutions in partnership with our customers. Where would technology be without specialty lubricants?
The strategic business unit Lubricant Additives will support you with raw materials and ideas for the development of the high performing lubricants of tomorrow.

Watertreatment Electronics

Our specialized team responsible for watertreatment and electronics are the right people to meet your challenges and find solutions for industrial waste-water treatment and
the production of printed circuits.   

Life Sciences

Choose from our extensive range of actives and excipients for pharmaceutical applications, skin and hair care, decorative cosmetics, agricultural applications and home care products.   


C.H.Erbslöh and Innotaste offer a broad spectrum of products for the food and beverage industries in Europe.   



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