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The following companies are not only our suppliers of
excellent products, but also partners with innovative power,
impulsed by our marketing activities.

Afton Chemical / USA
Fuel additives, Lubricant additives
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Albemarle / USA
Phenol Antioxidants
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Alberdingk Boley GmbH / Germany
Castor oil, Linseed oil and derivatives, plastic dispersions
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Alfachimici S.p.A. / Italy
Chemicals for printed circuit plating
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Aloecorp / USA
Aloe Vera
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B&T Srl / Italy
Cosmetic raw and active materials from olive origin. Extracts, EO-free O/W and W/O emulsifiers, surfactants.
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BASF Beauty Care Solutions / France
Phytobiological extracts, encapsulation technology, Thalasphere®, Phytosphere®, Cylasphere®, Lifidrem®
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Beneo-Bio Based Chemicals / Belgium
Emulsifiers, Stabilizers
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Biochemicals International, Inc. / USA
Exotic butter
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Biosynthis / France
Green replacers for volatile silicones: Vegelight 1214 LC, water dispersible oils, waxy esters, light emollients, long chain emollients and microcapsules.
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Borica / Taiwan
Titanates, adhesion promoters, rheology additives, catalysts
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Brad-Chem Ltd. / Great Britain
Industrial Additive Blends, Solid & synthetic Lubricants, Corrosion Control Additives, Metal Working Fluids, Temporary Protectants, Tacky Additives, Poly-isobutylenes (PIB?s), Sarcosinate Surfactants, Corrosion Inhibitors
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Cutch Oil / India
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Copalis / France
Marine based actives for nutraceuticals, cosmetics and beautyfood.
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DB Technoloji Kimya / Turkey
Ceramic hollow spheres
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Dow Wolff Cellulosics / Germany
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DuPont International S.A.
Special polymers
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