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Apprentices and Trainees

We will foster your future!

As a company we are part of the society we all live in. We have been offering traineeships for many decades to support young people and foster our own new employees. We develop teaching opportunities at local schools, support students’ interests through a variety of events in short we are there, where and when we are needed.

Our main emphasis is the training to qualify as salesman/saleswoman in import and export wholesaling. You can choose between the classic dual system or in combination with a business studies qualification in cooperation with a local College or university of applied sciences.

Many of our former trainees have achieved the highest marks in their exams. We are very dedicated to their success.

During your training we will promote the development of your analytical and learning capacities and leave you space for your own creativity. You will not only work your way through the sales and administrative departments but will also have a chance to experience the processes of our international business activities.

Your qualifications:
• General high school or college graduation
• Very good levels of language competence in English
• Independence
• Team competence
• Creativity
• Enthusiasm for communication
• Interest in business processes

Length of training: from 2 years min
Training program starts: 01. August
Application period opens September – for next years


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